Sunday, September 1, 2013

Wish list of Playstation Vita titles

Apologies. Had another huge gap in updates. In-between work and a barrage of old issues in new clothes, I've been too busy to put finger to keyboard outside anything beyond reports.

This post is especially aimed at Sony Computer Entertainment. Specifically +Gio Corsi (Twitter: giocorsi‎) and +Shahid Ahmad (Twitter: shahidkamal‎). I'm certainly one of hundreds, if not thousands of people adding to the cacophony of PS Vita opinions. I love my Vita and want the absolute best for it.  After all, it does accompany me everywhere along with my phone(s). I'll post about the device later but this is simply a list of titles I want to see on my handheld

Anyway my list:
- Socom series
- Timesplitters series
- Syphon Filter series
- Kingdom Hearts series
- Ace Combat series
- God of War 1 & 2
- GTA 2 to San Andreas
- Okami
- Prince of Persia series
- Shadow of the colossus
- Ico
- Splinter Cell series
- Viewtiful Joe
- Bully
- Oni
- Beyond Good and Evil
- Onimusha series
- The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
- Freedom Fighters
- Zone of the Enders series
- Half Life
- Battlefield 2
- Spider Man 2
- Soul Reaver 2
- Def Jam Vendetta
- Max Payne
- Call of Duty
- Full Spectrum Warrior
It occurred to me as I typed this up. Why don't Sony push to have all their strong PS2 titles remastered for the Vita? Especially since:
1. They already have the licenses
2. It's nowhere near as hard as creating brand new titles from scratch
3. It's an extremely tall order to hope for PS2 emulation on the Vita

"Indies" (not quite a title I enjoy using but, it keeps things organized)
- Bastion
- Transistor
- Shank 1 & 2
- Mark of the Ninja (not out of place wishful thinking on this list)
- Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
- Journey

The PS3 list is more considerate of game engines and (my view of) the vita's technical capability. I'm sure to be wrong on the possibility of some of my choices
- Assassin's Creed 1 to 2.75 (
- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare trilogy
- NFS: Hot Pursuit (with random chases enabled in freedrive mode)
- Vanquish
- Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 1 & 2
- Mini Ninjas
- The Orange Box

- Everything. There's no excuse here Sony. You have the games, licenses and technical capability. Get a PSP from your device archive & take 5 minutes to search online on how to rip a UMD & upload the games to the PS Store. EVERYTHING that was on the predecessor should be on the successor.  I find it confusing when I think of the PSP games I want to play that aren't in the PS Store and find my self thinking of getting a PSP again. We didn't harbour those thoughts & troubles on the move from VCR to DVD, we shouldn't now.

Free the Vita! Allow me to enjoy a 100% gaming experience any and everywhere I go. Don't tie me to having to get the absolute best on my handheld if I'm home on the same network through Remote Play. A great feature for when my wife wants to watch a cooking show next to a chick flick but aside that? It won't be of help outside the house, that's certain.

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