Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I don't feel the need for speed

It all starts here:

And I'll be frank.  I can't be bothered about this movie at all.  I was planning on tweeting these objections but I've got a quite few.  Actually rounding it right back, my complaint boils down to 1 thing:

Why tie this movie to the Need for Speed franchise?

I keep watching the trailer and can't help thinking about Fast and Foolishness Furious and sometimes Transformers.  Actually, speaking of Transformers, here's a Need for Speed movie I'd rather watch, done by Michael Bay:
Wouldn't you rather watch that?  Now allow me to labour my points.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hands on Killzone: Mercenary

I'll bet you're already done wondering if Killzone Mercenary is worth your time. Presumably you've read about it (or seen videos) from more reputable sites before stumbling onto this obscure, infrequent blog run by a harried Ghanaian who can't keep a car running for longer than a week and uses his phones as though they have the strength of construction materials with full computer processing capability.
Incidentally this is also my gaming PC
You've probably heard about how the game technically proficient but doesn't break any new ground. That doesn't matter to me, you're here to read what I have to say & I say Killzone Mercenary is more than worth your time if you enjoy shooters, no matter your preferred platform.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Wish list of Playstation Vita titles

Apologies. Had another huge gap in updates. In-between work and a barrage of old issues in new clothes, I've been too busy to put finger to keyboard outside anything beyond reports.

This post is especially aimed at Sony Computer Entertainment. Specifically +Gio Corsi (Twitter: giocorsi‎) and +Shahid Ahmad (Twitter: shahidkamal‎). I'm certainly one of hundreds, if not thousands of people adding to the cacophony of PS Vita opinions. I love my Vita and want the absolute best for it.  After all, it does accompany me everywhere along with my phone(s). I'll post about the device later but this is simply a list of titles I want to see on my handheld